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Market Update - What can we expect in 2023?

Predictions for the 2023 residential property market remain optimistic in Australia and New Zealand. December 2022 and January 2023 are following ‘as expected’ trends – the southern hemisphere summer ...

ListingLogic hits 50,000 campaigns

ListingLogic, has successfully completed its 50,000th individual Facebook marketing campaign.

The landmark comes less than five years into the company’s history, having successfully automated the adve...

Now is the time to go digital with the Technology Investment Boost

Are you an Australian-based business looking to invest in the digitisation of your operations? 

Announcing the ListingLogic Advertising solution for rental properties

ListingLogic announce an automated solution to deliver simple, quick and cost-effective advertising for rental listings on Facebook and Instagram.

We are Social media Global report show strong growth in ANZ market.

Australia and New Zealand are one of the highest users of Facebook and 2018 growth signals no near term decline. With over 20million people a day using Facebook across ANZ it’s only logical to be prom...

Will portals help you with getting the most from Facebook?

ListingLogic is scaling the industry’s ability to distribute classified listings content at high volume across new and emerging social media environments directly and cost effectively.