Now is the time to go digital with the Technology Investment Boost

Are you an Australian-based business looking to invest in the digitisation of your operations? 


If so, the Federal Government has some great news for you in its recent budget with the announcement of the Technology Investment Boost tax benefit.


The Boost is designed to financially assist small businesses with their move to digital services by allowing them to claim a 120% rebate on costs associated with adopting digital tech. Put simply, for every $100 you spend on adopting digital technology, you can claim back $120.


This includes the costs of online platform services such as ListingLogic. 


What’s involved in the Technology Investment Boost?

  • The rebate applies to costs incurred in the period from 29 March 2022 to 30 June 2023.
  • It applies to businesses with aggregated annual turnover of less than $50 million. 
  • A cap of $1,000,000 applies to each qualifying income year. 
  • You claim the Boost in your tax return.


Visit the Australian Taxation Office website for full details on the Technology Investment Boost and how to claim.


Now is the time to go digital

If you are wanting to boost your digital marketing efforts ListingLogic can help. Whether you are fairly new to automated digital marketing or looking for new strategies to maximise your reach and results we have tools to suit.


For example, you could try Dynamic Property Ads which leverage your entire listing portfolio to serve personalised ad catalogue to buyers based on their interests and search history. You can remind each individual of a property they’ve viewed on your website but haven’t yet contacted you and suggest similar others. All from a single always-on campaign. Your ad catalogue is auto updated, as new listings are added to your CRM.


DPAs can really drive a boost in engaged traffic to your website, which is another great reason to make sure you’re on top of your digital systems and tools.


Talk to ListingLogic today about how to get the best results from your digital marketing.

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