Announcing the ListingLogic Advertising solution for rental properties

ListingLogic announce an automated solution to deliver simple, quick and cost-effective advertising for rental listings on Facebook and Instagram.


As 70% of Australians are active social media users, it makes sense to promote properties where people spend their media time.

Facebook is now one of the largest platforms for tenants searching for rental properties. It enables exposure to a large, targeted pool of potential tenants quickly, and cost-effectively.

The ListingLogic automated solution for rental properties provides a viable alternative or adjunct to advertising on the traditional portals. It saves property managers’ time and maximises exposure for their listings.

This product makes astute commercial sense when marketing in today’s media landscape. Having delivered outstanding results for real estate agents across the country, now property managers can also gain an edge on their competition and capitalise on this innovative social media solution.


Gone are the days of social media marketing being complicated and time consuming. This light-touch solution ensures your business is working fast and smart, freeing up the property management team by eliminating repetitive and mundane tasks.

ListingLogic auto-creates Facebook ads and publishes them to potential tenants in your targeted geographic areas. The results of your campaign are automatically measured, with live data accessible at any time, on any device.

ListingLogic builds a custom audience for future remarketing. Those who engage with an advertisement are tagged and filed, creating a unique virtual database of potential tenants. Importantly, the rental agent retains this data. When listing through a traditional portal this valuable IP cannot be preserved and is effectively ‘gifted’ away, adding value to the portal’s business.

ListingLogic drives enquiries via your website. The traffic is retained and kept within your own eco-system, enabling you to nurture them in your environment, and not shop around other rental listings from other agencies.


Feature-listing Campaign

Ideal for premium listings, the feature-listing campaign is designed to deliver maximum clicks through to the listing on your website

Multi-listing Campaign

The multi-listing campaign advertises multiple listings in the one ad. It is a super cost-effective way to advertise ‘this week’s rentals’. Anywhere from 2 to 10 properties can be advertised in the one ad, for the same price.


Both ad formats cost $150 (ex GST) for a 7 day campaign and will put the property in front of up to 10,000 potential tenants (Note: The reach is dependent on the population density of the area/s you target)


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