ListingLogic hits 50,000 campaigns

ListingLogic, has successfully completed its 50,000th individual Facebook marketing campaign.

The landmark comes less than five years into the company’s history, having successfully automated the advertising campaigns of some of the biggest real estate brands in New Zealand and Australia with impressive results.

The 50,000 milestone is significant not just because it demonstrates the success of the business but because it also indicates the acceleration of digital marketing uptake in ANZ region.

The company’s first 10,000 campaigns took two years, whereas the jump from 30,000 campaigns to 50,000 took just one year. It indicates the shift within real estate that not only is digital and social media advertising essential, there are ways to handle it that make it much simpler to manage and more effective.

The growth of ListingLogic’s business also reflects the overall growth of social media use in Australia and New Zealand. 

Research from Dataportal shows 94.9% of New Zealanders are using the internet in 2022, up 1.7% on 2021, and up from 89% in 2017 around when ListingLogic was launched. The number of social media users in New Zealand in 2022 is 89.2%, a 9.6% increase on 2021 and up from 70% in 2017.

In 2022, social media is typically people’s first port call when they start on any buying journey and most successful sales people find they have to have a presence there to be in front of potential buyers and sellers. 

ListingLogic’s view has always been that digital advertising gives brands wider reach, improved brand awareness, and it’s cheaper, with better results, so you get better ROIs. But a major hurdle for often very busy salespeople has been the time-consuming, repetitive nature of setting up multiple campaigns online.

listinglogic dashbaord here (2)-png

ListingLogic’s focus has been on automating the complexities of setting up and optimising digital ads to make effective online advertising accessible to everybody - even those who are hesitant about technology.

It means our customers don’t have to keep across the constant evolution and changes to different platforms. Our customers log in and order a campaign; we do the rest.


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