Will portals help you with getting the most from Facebook?

ListingLogic is scaling the industry’s ability to distribute classified listings content at high volume across new and emerging social media environments directly and cost effectively.

At the same time portals are offering to spend your advertising dollar for you in Facebook. This spend is designed to drive traffic back to their portal environment where they collect data on your customer - which they then rent back to you.

The other issue is that taking people out of their preferred environment (in this case Facebook). This is also illogical because it create a +50% bounce rate. This is very inefficient and wasteful. And the reason why ListingLogic can create landing pages that you own in Facebook to minimise the bounce rate.

Facebook is a significant threat to the portal model. They face a classic incumbent dilemma. As much as they want your Facebook spend (like they did originally with the industry’s Google spend) the fact remains that they are not needed,

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